How To CONFIDENTLY Choose The Best
Orthodontist For Your Family

The first step is choosing the right orthodontist – one who will not only assess and treat your or your child’s needs, but who will also be someone you trust and feel comfortable with. This is where Dr. David Caggiano comes in. With his experience as a specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Caggiano focuses on the highest quality treatment for his patients. In this way, he not only gives them beautiful smiles, but also gives them reasons to smile every single day.

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Orthodontics will teach you all you need to know about the inner workings and recommendations of an orthodontist, including:

  • The History and Background of Orthodontics
  • What to Expect Once YOU Decide to See an Orthodontist
  • What happens once your Orthodontist recommends treatment
  • Various Treatment Options Including Braces & Invisalign

After reading this book, you will be better equipped to confidently choose the best orthodontist for your family.

Enjoy This Sample from Dr. Caggiano’s Book…


Braces hurt.

It takes three years to straighten teeth.

Adult teeth have to be pulled.

Invisalign doesn’t work.

My general dentist is also an orthodontist.

These are ALL common misunderstandings. Yet propaganda like this is spreading like an epidemic. Why? Because some people don’t know the truth about modern, state-of-the-art orthodontics. They’re basing their current opinions on their own treatment from decades ago. Or they’re searching the internet and accepting the misconceptions they find there as truths.

I’ve been in private practice in dentistry since 2001 and during that time I’ve watched the number of patients who do their research on the internet increase dramatically. I applaud people who want to know more about their treatment and their options. However, while the internet may have some legitimate sources, unfortunately, some patients incorrectly take the words of a message board, patient blog, or review as the truth.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: My best patients are those who take an active part in their orthodontic decisions. The more you learn about orthodontic treatment, the better your treatment will go, and the more confident you’ll be in your choice of an orthodontist and your treatment overall. That’s why I’m so happy that you’ve chosen to read this book. I wrote it to help reduce the drama that often comes with reading and believing what’s posted on the internet, and dispel some of the mystery of all the information out there…

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